Michael C. O’Malley

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor

Equal Justice for All

Prosecutor O’Malley has continued to lead the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office by enhancing and creating key initiatives that make our community safer.

Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley was sworn into office on January 3, 2017, with his primary objective: a safer Cuyahoga County for all. His expectations are high, and they will always remain that way. He continues to strive to make Cuyahoga County a better place to live and work for our residents and visitors.

Prosecutor O’Malley has a zero tolerance policy for violent crime. Gun violence is destroying the quality of life in many neighborhoods in Cuyahoga County. People who use weapons in the commission of a violent crime need to be held accountable and his office does just that.

Prosecutor O’Malley remains committed to ensuring that individuals with behavioral health concerns receive treatment outside of the criminal justice process and within the behavioral health system. He was a leader in the creation of the Adult Diversion Center and of the Juvenile Intervention Center. In partnership with county stakeholders and community partners, he works to improve mental health centers allowing police to transport people in a mental health or addiction crisis directly to the center for treatment, instead of jail.

Prosecutor O’Malley believes in reducing recidivism through diversion and a second chance. The Diversion Program allows participants an opportunity to have their case dismissed upon successful completion. He also designed the Second Chance Program for lower-level felony offenses that do not qualify for the Diversion Program. Both help reduce reoffending by eliminating barriers to employment, housing, and other resources.

Prosecutor O’Malley recognizes the importance of women’s rights. He was the first and only County Prosecutor in Ohio to support women’s rights by signing the Fair and Just Prosecution Joint Statement of Elected Prosecutors.

Prosecutor O’Malley is devoted to seeking fair and impartial justice. He was the first County Prosecutor in Ohio to adopt a fatal use of deadly force policy that designates an independent prosecutor is appointed when a peace officer in the county is accused of using deadly force against an unarmed citizen.

Prosecutor O’Malley remains dedicated to serving with integrity and honesty. He was presented with the Ohio Auditor of State 2019 Public Integrity Award for his help in eliminating public corruption in Cuyahoga County. He also serves on the executive committee for the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association. In 2022, he was presented with the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association Leadership Award. In 2023, he was presented with the U.S. Marshal’s Law Enforcement Partner of The Year Award in recognition for his outstanding partnership and leadership.

Prosecutor O’Malley grew up in Old Brooklyn with his father, a World War II Veteran and Plasterer, his mother, and ten older brothers and sisters. Once he discovered his passion for justice, he attended Kent State University for his undergraduate degree and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law for his Juris Doctorate degree. Besides law, one of Prosecutor O’Malley’s great passions is bike riding. He is a devotee of the Towpath Trail and has ridden over 350 miles in five days by himself. He is a proud father of two sons and a huge Cleveland sports fan.

Elected Cuyahoga County Prosecutor: 2017

Admitted to the bar: 1992

Graduated Cleveland Marshall College of Law: 1992

Graduated Kent State University: 1987