CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley announced that a Cuyahoga County grand jury has returned an indictment charging LaDon Moore, 40, for a month-long aggravated robbery spree in Cleveland.

“This one man terrorized and inflicted fear throughout the Mount Pleasant neighborhood for a month. Innocent people, including women going to church, were targeted, held at gunpoint, and robbed. Hopefully, as we take the first steps towards justice today, the community can rest a little easier knowing this violent offender has been removed from their streets.”

Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley

On June 7, 2023, LaDon Moore approached the victim, 46, near Rexford Avenue and East 124th Street in Cleveland. He held the victim at gunpoint, demanded the victim’s money, wallet, and phone, and then fled the scene. After fleeing, Moore used the victim’s phone to call the victim’s wife. Moore demanded the victim’s wife tell him their personal and banking information stating, “give us the information or he’s dead.” The victim then hung up, called the police, and drove to the scene. The Cleveland Division of Police (CPD) responded to the scene.

On June 13, Moore entered a store near Kinsman Road and East 116th Street in Cleveland. He approached the store’s employee, 47, who was behind the cash register. He held the victim at gunpoint and demanded she give him the money in the register. He stole $80 as well as the cash drawer, before fleeing the scene. The store’s employee called the police and CPD responded to the scene.

On June 17, Moore approached the 92-year-old victim as she was walking into a church near Corlett Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Cleveland. Moore pointed a gun at the victim, took her purse, and shoved her to the ground. A good Samaritan witnessed the suspect fleeing. CPD responded to the scene.

On June 18, Moore approached the victim, 44, walking in a church parking lot near East 124th Street and Union Avenue in Cleveland. He held the victim at gunpoint, demanded her money, and threatened to shoot her. After the victim stated she did not have any money, Moore forced the victim to a nearby store with an ATM inside to withdraw money. He demanded she withdraw $90 but the ATM would not authorize it. Moore became increasingly angry and demanded money. The victim was eventually able to withdraw some money and Moore fled the scene. CPD responded to the scene.

On June 24, Moore approached the victim, 33, in a gas station parking lot near East 116th Street and Union Avenue in Cleveland. He pointed the gun toward the victim and told her not to move. The victim ran away from Moore with her personal items, leaving her vehicle behind. Moore then fled, using a similar route he had used in a previous robbery. CPD responded to the scene.

On June 25, Moore approached the victim, 63, in a church parking lot near Union Avenue and East 124th Street in Cleveland. He held a gun to the victim and stated, “drop your purse.” The victim ran inside the church and Moore fled. CPD responded to the scene.

The investigation, conducted by CPD, utilized surveillance footage and witness information to link LaDon Moore to the crime. Further investigation revealed Moore lived at a residence near all six robberies. A search was conducted at his residence locating various clothing worn during the robberies and victim’s items from the robberies. Moore was arrested on June 29 and was found in possession of a handgun.

On July 11, 2023, LaDon Moore was indicted on the following charges:

  • Six counts of Aggravated Robbery
  • One count of Kidnapping
  • One count of Extortion
  • One count of Robbery
  • One count of Having Weapons Under Disability

They will be arraigned at the Cuyahoga County Justice Center at a later date.